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We need change.

  This is an excerpt from Women in PR e-reader edited by Ana Adi & Edna Ayme-Yahil, Quadriga University of Applied Sciences Published in April 2020. Original title: Now is
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Unlocking the value of your people in a (hopefully) post-pandemic world

How many of us have reflected on 2020 and come to the realisation that it’s been a year of learning and of appreciating what’s important and what needs to change?
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Talking the Road to Alignment – GovComms Podcast #96

EP#96: THE ROAD TO ALIGNMENT – WITH ZORA ARTIS AND WAYNE ASPLAND On this episode of GovComms, contentgroup CEO David Pembroke speaks to Zora Artis and Wayne Aspland about their
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The Road to Alignment

The Road to Alignment

Lessons from 2020 for alignment and communications. Since the release of the original paper Strategic Alignment: How communicators can change the face of leadership we’ve experienced disruption on a scale
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On Alignment

The Alignment Imperative White paper by David Parkinson and Lindsay Uittenbogaard, founder and director of Mirror Mirror, looks at how to increase ownership, employee engagement, team effectiveness through alignment. The
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On the Communication Profession

International Association of Business Communicators (IABC): Global site (useful content for members and non-members): Asia Pacific site (free professional development): Code of Ethics:
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On Government Communication and Engagement

GovComms Institute This is the place for government communicators from all over the world to discuss their common purpose, common challenges and common opportunities. This is where you’ll find thought
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Think Differently

On Demand Webinar Why do some organizations succeed and others fail? One simple yet powerful reason may surprise you. Companies with highly effective employee communications strategies outperform their industry peers
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How Employee Communication Drives Business Outcomes

An executive resource which looks at how some of the best organisations bring their people with them on their change journey to achieve business outcomes – at a time when
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On Different Ways to Learn and Develop Teams

Corporate Snakes and Career Ladders Scenario simulation workshops, in person or virtual delivery, designed to challenge thinking, gain insights into your own or your team’s behaviour. It is a fun
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The Convergence of Marketing and Technology – The Reboot Show

Technology has completely transformed how information is used. Do you agree? This exclusive panel discussion tackles one of the most intriguing ongoing discussions. Often we hear a lot of debates
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Comms Bootcamp – COVID-19 Lessons from Asia Pacific

Zora will share lessons from what’s worked well to date from the regions that are a step ahead, and the emerging trends from brands adapting to the pandemic. As many
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Now is the Time for Reflection. We Need Change.

Women in PR By the Quadriga University of Applied Sciences This is follow-up e-publication to the thought-provoking podcast and a wonderful collaboration between Dr Edna Ayme-Yahil and Quadriga University professor
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How the C-Suite can Drive Growth Through Internal Communications

In this guide, you’ll gain insights from C-suite executives and senior communication professionals who realised business growth through well-executed strategic and tactical internal communication. It illustrates practical examples of what’s
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Business Acumen – How to Build it and Why it Matters

Stepping up from tactical to strategic adviser. CEOs and business leaders today want their internal communication professionals to be businesspeople first, communicators second. In this guide, Zora Artis focuses on
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Steps to Building Business Acumen

The Next Level: Global IC Report highlights “The role of being both counsellor and advisor rather than simply that of a skilled communications technician demands greater business acumen, not just for
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Going Beyond Engagement: The Business Value of Internal Communications for the C-Suite

White paper, based on research, those focused on internal communication as the critical support and enabler of strategic alignment, employee engagement, employee experience and culture in organisations. More and more C-suite
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Strategic Alignment: How Communicators can Change the Face of Leadership

Many of the world’s organisations, both large and small, are not strategically aligned. Their people are not working together to achieve common, organisational goals. In mid-2018, Wayne Aspland and Zora
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Strategic Alignment

Written by Khyla Flores 28 November 2018 There’s a blind spot at the heart of many of the world’s organizations. It’s an issue that many of you have probably encountered.
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