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Artis Advisory is your management consultancy with an edge. 
With global expertise in alignment, business  and communication strategy, we work with savvy executive leaders looking to shift from misalignment to strategic clarity ultimately experiencing one vision as their edge.

Unlike traditional management consulting firms, we actively guide you in experiencing strategic and team alignment, happier people, and a stronger brand that could just be your competitive edge. It’s all part of our solution to experience Your Edge. 

Together we’ll solve the root cause of organisational disconnect at its core with sustained commitment to defining business moments, designing strategic clarity, and delivering your organisation’s promise.
It just makes sense. 

Artis Advisory works across the following areas:

Strategic alignment & planning:
Advisory and Support:

Why work with Artis Advisory?


Senior strategist with expertise in strategic alignment, stakeholder engagement, communications, marketing, brand, governance and risk; recognised for excellence in leadership, communications and marketing work at a global scale.


Extensive experience working with leaders in coaching and strategic advisory, corporate vision and narrative design, brand strategy, marketing and communication strategy and go-to-market programs, as well as organisational and team alignment.


Value is derived from understanding why and how to address pain points and leverage opportunities specific to the audience and what outcomes are needed; understanding how organisations work and delivering on outcomes are core to Zora’s work.


Excellent network within creative, A/V production, content and writing, digital, customer experience, in-house sales training, proactive PR, social media and media buying; this enables Zora to pull together bespoke teams to extend the client’s marketing, communication and digital capacity and capability.


CEO and founder:

Zora Artis


I have almost three decades working with government, private and non-profit sectors in corporate strategy, marketing, communications, brand and campaigns. My strength lies in my ability to uncover insight, find opportunities identify, and connect the dots holistically to find ways to deliver tangible value.

Strategic alignment and communication – in work and life – are my passion.

I feel like I’ve been in the business of alignment all
my life. My family immigrated three times before I
was thirteen so I was always the ‘odd one out’. It’s impossible to thrive when you don’t know the language, lack awareness of cultural norms, and question your
own identity and value in a place – no different
in organisations. 

My experience forged courage, resourcefulness and intuition and set me up for success in guiding leaders and teams in developing environments that create alignment.

My early career was spent as a strategic adviser in brand, agency, and communications. I felt constantly frustrated seeing the gaps and missed opportunities at the leadership level that meant my work, and the work of the entire team, was fruitless while there was misalignment.  

Turning my frustration into action, my global first study, co-authored with Wayne Aspland, examined alignment, leadership, and the role of communications and I’ve never looked back.

I’ve since developed my own alignment frameworks and models, undertaken further research and strategic alignment study at Oxford University. I love developing content that shows the value of strategic alignment and great communication for the C-suite, and helping others be better strategic advisers and communicators.

My work has been recognised for global-standard communications excellence with multiple IABC Gold Quill awards in the Community Relations, Writing, Government Communication, and Advertising/ Brand/ Marketing Campaigns categories. I have also been honoured for outstanding leadership with the IABC Chair’s Award in 2015 and 2021 and Regional Leader Award in 2020.

My commitment to power of communication is demonstrated through my work with the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC). I am the Chair of  IABC World Conference 2022, past chair
of  Asia Pacific Region Board and director International Executive Board. I’m also a judge for the IABC Gold
Quill Awards, IAP2 Core Value Awards, Australian Marketing Institute Awards and Cannes Lions Effectiveness Awards.  

Latest Resources:

Brands Zora has worked with:


“Zora delivered expert knowledge on brand research and strategic recommendations, and was able to draw out useful insights from internal and external stakeholders. The final report gave us a very clear recommendation on the direction we should take. We also gained valuable insights that we keep referring to as we develop our go-to-market strategy.”

Senior Marketing Manager
Aged Care

“Zora is a strikingly unique combination of business, commercial, marketing, brand and stakeholder communications strategist. She is driven to help organisations influence their customers and stakeholders, transform their business and build reputation. Zora has a sophisticated knowledge of risk and reality, possibilities and practicalities. She integrates her strategic skills at the holistic level, where others often do not operate - to reveal opportunities and threats and then leverages her marketing campaign skills to create solutions that make a difference. Her strategic knowledge is applied through a suite of strategic frameworks, that bring complex themes together in a simple way so that organisations can not only understand the output but develop the capability to work the frameworks for themselves. Zora is at home working with everyone – giving advice and seeking feedback from the Board, senior leadership, office, field and shop floor staff.”

Organisation and Brand Strategist
ASX 200 Company

“Zora is a breath of fresh air – she’ll challenge assumptions and push you to find a better solution. We've known one another for years, through IABC and working together on campaigns, and I've always admired her commitment to education and professional development; and her curiosity and openness to exploring trends and testing out new ways of working. Zora's astute understanding of governance structures and corporate environments means she can navigate stakeholder relationships with ease, and understand competing priorities, interests and positions. Zora backs up her advice with tested strategic frameworks and evidence, demonstrating her great leadership and respect for the profession. And she's a whole lot of fun to work with!”

Head of Internal Communication
Victorian Government

“As a newly appointed CEO, I appointed Zora to work with us to facilitate a strengths-based strategic planning workshop from which we distilled our organisational purpose statement. A statement which, for the first time, clearly articulated why we do what we do, and our specific purpose within the mission of our parent organisation. That purpose statement, combined with the comprehensive analysis that underpinned it, has played an instrumental role in inspiring the team to transform an established and somewhat stagnant ministry into an energised dynamic one with a keen sense of mission and clarity of purpose like never before. It has also driven innovation and growth and not only helped us survive but thrive – through a purpose-driven mission of service – throughout the tumultuous months of the Covid-19 pandemic."

National Media Business, part of Global Faith-Based Organisation

"Zora possesses one of the best strategic minds I've had the pleasure to work with in 40 years of consulting with mission driven international organizations. Her thinking is a unique blend of the expert and experienced, and the innovative and actionable. Her credibility and articulateness earns the confidence of all lucky enough to have the benefit of her counsel. IMHO she's tops!"

Chairman & Co-CEO
International Management Consultancy

"Zora is that all too rare being: brilliantly strategic with ultra-focus on tactical detail; someone who not only gets the big picture but rolls up the sleeves to get it done. It's not every day you commission work and get way beyond what was expected, but that's been my experience of working with Zora. She draws on a highly impressive suite of communication skills and leadership experience across a wide range of business sectors – not to mention her enviable network of contacts! And Zora also just happens to be terrific to work with!"

Head of Content
Global Leader in Employee Communications Technology

Zora has instilled in me a deep respect for professional standards and drawing on the IABC Code of Ethics to make decisions in my practice. I am proud of the contribution she has made to the Victorian Government, most recently developing a communications and community engagement framework that has been used to respond to COVID outbreaks in Victoria. Having worked in the Victorian public sector for several years, I not only understand the bureaucratic challenges Zora would have had to overcome to develop the framework, but I also understand the impact this work had on the Victorian public, including some of its most vulnerable citizens.

Strategic Communications Management Professional (Public Sector)