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Think Differently

On Demand Webinar Why do some organizations succeed and others fail? One simple yet powerful reason may surprise you. Companies with highly effective employee communications strategies outperform their industry peers
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The Convergence of Marketing and Technology – The Reboot Show

Technology has completely transformed how information is used. Do you agree? This exclusive panel discussion tackles one of the most intriguing ongoing discussions. Often we hear a lot of debates
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Comms Bootcamp – COVID-19 Lessons from Asia Pacific

Zora will share lessons from what’s worked well to date from the regions that are a step ahead, and the emerging trends from brands adapting to the pandemic. As many
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Steps to Building Business Acumen

The Next Level: Global IC Report highlights “The role of being both counsellor and advisor rather than simply that of a skilled communications technician demands greater business acumen, not just for
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Strategic Alignment

Written by Khyla Flores 28 November 2018 There’s a blind spot at the heart of many of the world’s organizations. It’s an issue that many of you have probably encountered.
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