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Strategic Alignment

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Written by Khyla Flores
28 November 2018

There’s a blind spot at the heart of many of the world’s organizations.

It’s an issue that many of you have probably encountered. It can be simply spotted by observing an organization’s silos and politics, or the success of business initiatives. But, despite this, it’s an issue that’s often swept under the carpet.

Put simply, many organizations (both large and small) aren’t strategically aligned.

Their people aren’t working together to achieve common, organizational goals. In fact, most employees don’t even know what their organization’s goals are.

This issue is an important one for the world’s communicators.

In mid-2018, supported and endorsed by the IABC Foundation, Wayne Aspland and Zora Artis, undertook a global survey of more than 200 senior communicators to look at the issue of strategic alignment from a communication perspective. It’s the first global study to do this.

We explored questions such as:

  • Is there an issue? Are the world’s organizations strategically aligned?
  • If not, where are the roadblocks?
  • What are the commonalities among the best of the best?
  • What can communicators do to create more aligned organizations?

The research is revealing and points to a game-changing opportunity for our profession.

In this webinar, we’ll reveal the key findings from the research, where the real issues lie and the commonalities of those who are strategically aligned. We’ll explore the critical role communicators need to play and how to align people and stakeholders for long-term outcomes.

The key takeouts will include:

  • The case for strategic alignment.
  • The strategic alignment playbook for leaders and communicators.
  • What it takes to drive strategic alignment from a communicator’s perspective.
  • What communicators can do to elevate themselves to get that seat at the C-suite table.

IABC Foundation-endorsed research

Recorded on 28 November 2018

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