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Think Differently

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On Demand Webinar

Why do some organizations succeed and others fail? One simple yet powerful reason may surprise you. Companies with highly effective employee communications strategies outperform their industry peers by a factor of 3.5.*

Join our panel of experts and IC leaders on November 17th to learn how leading enterprises think differently about how to achieve standout business results – by leveraging the transformative power of world-class employee communications. You’ll receive actionable guidance on how to drive the success of your organization’s most critical strategic initiatives, whether you’re rolling out a digital transformation project, onboarding furloughed employees or executing on a new corporate strategy, with a new approach to employee communications.

In this panel session you’ll hear:

  • Real life examples of how world-class organizations are driving business outcomes with data-driven employee communications
  • How to enable communicators across your organization to cut through the noise and create clarity about your strategic goals
  • The risk of not rethinking how you leverage employee communications to achieve business value in 2021

*Willis Towers Watson, 2019

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